AR: Big Picture

Augmented Reality and the Killer App: ‘Replayability’ and Platforms

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  1. To me, VR is like reading a book, and AR is like driving your car. A book can take you places your car can’t. And a car can take you places a book can’t. The power of VR is changing your mental ‘place’ like a book does, change perspective, understanding, knowledge, and mental/emotional/physical practice through imagined scenarios. In your car, you don’t want to travel 60 mph through the physical world without augmenting the physical forces around you with traffic lights, turn signals from other cars, painted lanes, rear view mirrors, breaks, protective metal chasse, and a windshield to protect us from the 60 mph wind, that all allow us to make informed decisions in real time. We need both, but for different reasons. However, as homestay has shown, perhaps we don’t need to burn the energy to move us and other physical atorm about as much as we have. Our ancestors didn’t need to. Perhaps in our shared future, we need to travel less and think more, and grow wiser rather than faster.

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